Day Two with Janet Clare

by Christine on June 27, 2017

Hi ladies,

Well, I’ve arrived home safe and sound, what a truly inspiring weekend I had taking these two classes with Janet Clare.

The second day was all about capturing memories, sayings, things that are important to you into fabric form.  Once again drawing with your sewing machine, feed dogs down and free motion stitching and raw edge applique.

I felt really stumped at trying to come up with a theme or saying that I could work on.  To be honest, since losing Tynesha my memory and happiness (for want of a better word) have taken a bit of a hammering.  Of course there are so many reasons that I have to be happy – I work in a wonderful creative industry that I love, I have family and friends that I love and are loved by – so many reasons.  Yet, I really struggled to come up with something that I wanted to work on that didn’t feel tragic.

Janet’s explanation of how her creative process works and what she does to care and nurture that creativity was really inspiring and good for me.  If she works on something and it’s not coming together, she bins it and moves on. Yes, bins it! How liberating is that, not to struggle to make something work but to just keep the momentum going and carry on.  Kind of deep I know but great.

What I settled on was – what makes me happy.  I wrote a list of all the silly, small and large things that make me smile and bring happiness.

These are a couple of the blocks I made ….

1) I love seeing quilts on the line, with a little breeze blowing them around.

2) I love that my buddy often can’t remember the name of acorns so calls them oak nuts.

3) I have really enjoyed watching the sailing, even though I know nothing about it.  Mark and I have been wearing our Red Socks too.

I’m not sure what the finished quilt will look like and I’m actually really happy with that.  We all have enough pressure in our lives so no need to add to it.  This is going to be just for fun.

Here are some more images of Janet’s quilts.


I have to also say that going to Jen Kingwell of  Amitie Textiles new shop was another draw card that helped make the decision to go.  Oh my goodness, another huge amount of inspiration – how she puts colours together is stunning and I really learnt a lot. Their new shop is amazing and will even have a cafe in there as well.  I think we will definitely be stopping by there when we do our trip to AQC in Melbourne next April – email out this week telling you all about the two trips that we have planned for next year.

Okay, that’s about me.  Loads to think about and to remember to make the time to let creativity and inspiration come in.

Take care,

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Kaye Webster June 28, 2017 at 3:56 am

I’m really looking forward to see where and when your trips are next year.



Christine June 28, 2017 at 5:03 am

Thanks Kaye, I just sent you an email with some information.
Take care


Karen Yeoman July 2, 2017 at 6:59 am

Very inspiring. Can’t wait for a class to do a memory quilt and hear about proposed trips. Sounds like you had a great weekend Christine.


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